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Sl Name of State Total Codes In State
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 2
2 Andhra Pradesh 243
3 Arunachal Pradesh 33
4 Assam 46
5 Bihar 104
6 Chhattisgarh 117
7 Delhi 1
8 Goa 5
9 Gujarat 161
10 Haryana 54
11 Himachal Pradesh 33
12 Jammu and Kashmir 34
13 Jharkhand 75
14 Karnatka 180
15 Kerla 58
16 Madhya Pradesh 244
17 Maharashtra 300
18 Manipur 13
19 Mizoram 9
21 Orissa 120
22 Punjab 55
23 Rajasthan 258
24 Sikkim 2
25 Tamil Nadu 130
27 Uttar Pradesh 248
28 Uttarakhand 18
29 West Bengal 70
TOTAL 2,613

Everyone is interested in getting the List of All STD Codes in India. This list was very popular earlier but after introduction of mobile services in India. So, what if full form of STD code – Subscriber Trunk Dialing. This happened as mobile number are independent with STD code concept.

In this site you will get following information radially available to you-

These serve many purpose in our daily life. They are required when we want dial some landline phone number all over India. For dialing a number you need to put first STD of the city/place where the phone is located and then you will add the telephone number after this. Even mobile customer also need to add the STD code before dialing a landline number.

Another use of these STD codes is on getting railways inquiry. Whenever you are going to dial any train status then you will be required to submit the STD code of the place where you need to know the status of your inquired train. Although railways provide many other options also for getting status but if you know the STD code then it becomes very easy to know the status. You can understand its importance when you are in hurry for catching the train.

There are many other uses of STD codes but to discuss everything not not possible here. So, use the information given here for your advantage of std codes in india. You can also find the details of ISD (International Sub Dialing) codes here at this website.